Hace un timepo había escrito una historia sobre una poeta llamada Antonia Alaresi que ha llevado a que un par de personas me pregunten sobre ella, porque quieren saber más.

Lamento decepcionarlos pero Antonia Alaresi no existe. Ese texto que escribí es una broma literaria a lo Borges, o Umberto Eco. Me gusta mucho jugar con eso. Algo así:

Antonia Alaresi: Hace referencia a Antonio Gramsci. ¿Cómo? En italiano los nombres que indican lugar o pertenencia funcionan así o ponés “de Simone”, o ponés “Simoni”, en este caso Gramsci es de Ales, Sardinia, por lo que si inventases un apellido…

Not all of us are searching for light, nor shadow. The twilight of a full moon on a clear night sky is still bright enough to contour the creek that runs down the mountains, and still enough for the trees to cast their pale shadows.

Life is still and time moves as fast as this train moves through the mountains. Mountains that suddenly became their mountains, casting their moonlight shade on a valley that one day became their valley.

I’m on a foreign land owned by foreign peoples. A foreigner to foreigners. I speak their language, although I lack their…


There’s a lot to unpack.

Is software a finished product or an ever going process?

A working program shows a solution that was appropriate at a certain point in time. That solution might be obsolete and not representative of the situation for which the program was built. It responds to needs from some other time, old needs. At least, instead of a ‘scratch it, let’s starts again’, software leaves us with the opportunity of ‘scratch it, let’s write over it’ like a palimpsest.

Every software project is like a palimpsest where every developer scratches old text, and writes on top…

The work of Antonia Alaresi is marked by a necessity of breaking out from the narrative standards of her time. Being the only woman in her generation of writers made her traverse a path that was outside the status quo of a Río de la Plata Literature that was looking to earn a spot at the world stage.

Not much from her work has reached us. Her rejection to be published in anthologies or literary magazines limits her know work to an essay and a collection of poems — the latter thanks to the generosity of Cristina Ludič who donated…

Podríamos decir que la obra de Antonia Alaresi está marcada por una necesidad de romper con los estándares narrativos de su época. Ser la única escritora mujer de su generación de escritores la llevó a trazar caminos laterales para el status quo de una literatura rioplatense que buscaba hacerse un lugar en la literatura mundial.

Poco perdura de su obra. Su rechazo a ser publicada en antologías y revistas literarias de la época limitan los textos que sobreviven a un ensayo, y una colección de poemas — los últimos gracias a la gentileza de Cristina Ludič quien cedió a la…

Increment Magazine current issue about Internationalization

Now that my article about translation for Increment Magazine is out, I want to list here some of the books & articles I consulted while writing that piece. Some of them made it into the text, while others were interesting deviations through the labyrinth of research.

The idea to look at Programming from a Translation POV came after a chat with Dr. Rachel Souhami during the JSConfEU dinner. After she shared a brief explanation of her thesis “Exhibition Production as Processes of Translation”, I saw how there were lots of connections between programming & translation. …

Satoshi Nakamoto by @SebastianNavasF

You might wonder why we end our calendar with Satoshi Nakamoto, an unexpected choice for a calendar about women pioneers in tech. Since the start, this project has been an art project. As such it seeks to question our assumptions and to provoke an intervention in our minds. Why do we tend to assume that Satoshi Nakamoto is a man?

Yes, an expert in anonymity and disguise published on a website that their birth date was on the 5th of April of 1975, and their name was Satoshi Nakamoto. It won’t be the first time someone misgenders themselves to break…

Audrey Tang by @SebastianNavasF

Today’s pioneer is active both in open source and politics. She wrote the first implementation of Perl 6 using Haskell. Also, she became the first transgender minister in Taiwan. She’s an open government proponent, and animal rights advocate. It’s almost impossible to categorize the colorful personality of today’s pioneer. Meet Audrey Tang.

Audrey the Hacker

An avid open source contributor and free software advocate, Tang name is related to software projects of all kinds. Let’s take a look at some of those.

Perl 6

Audrey Tang has been an active member of the Perl community since more than ten years ago. At some…

Kumiko Tanaka-Ishii by @SebastianNavasF

Today’s pioneer is a Professor at the University of Tokyo, that has invested her career in the study of language and programming. In 2010 she published the award winning book Semiotics of Programming which brings a new perspective into the analysis of programs and how we write them.

One interesting aspect of her book is what she calls the ontologies of Being vs. Doing. Being denotes entities by what they are, while Doing denotes entities by what they do or what can be done to them. How is this related to programming?

Being vs. Doing, or Why Favor Composition Over Inheritance

Consider Object Oriented Programming (OOP) with classes. In…

Evelyn Berezin by @SebastianNavasF

Today’s pioneer is know for having built the first true word processor. In the 1976 list “Top 100 Business Women in the United States” she was the only one that was the president of a tech company. This is the fascinating story of Evelyn Berezin.

Desperate Times Require Desperate Measures

In 1941 as the US entered the war, men where leaving for battle, so a former physics professor offered her a job at a tech company that was producing printing ink. She was 16 which made her inelegible for work in New York City, but she knew how to handle that:

I was prepared for…

Alvaro Videla

http://alvaro-videla.com/ Co-Author of RabbitMQ in Action. Previously @Apple @VMWare @EMC. All opinions are my own.

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